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Baking Soda : A Versatile White Powder

I am sure that you are all familiar with baking soda as it raises bread. But let me tell you, that baking soda, being a naturally occurring chemical that is formally known as sodium bicarbonate or soda ash has a variety of crucial functions. It can do more than raise bread.

The white soda is long been applied by some enterprising homemakers for anything that this versatile white powder can do. The usual functions of the baking soda range from cleaning to comforting minor aches and pains. white soda is considered one of natural remedy and can really prevent several pain and aches, In fact, there is a certain report that shows the medicinal and self-care applications for baking soda more than 150 years ago.

However, despite the popularity of baking soda, many people still don’t realize the real idea behind this versatile white powder. They still seemed ignorant that white soda is basically a component of the beneficial leavening agent which is commonly called as baking powder.

The best way to utilize baking soda is to blend it in the form of dough along with starch or cream of tartar to cause chemical reaction which will eventually create a mixture during heating. This mixture can be used for several pain relief actions and as natural curing aid for swellings. This chemical reaction taking place allows the above mixture to work as one and generates better balm for pain relief.

Baking soda is particularly used as a neutralizer. Many of its uses stemmed from the reason that white soda used as a chemical buffer and it is a pH balancer. As such, this versatile white powder can neutralize most of the acid solutions. Aside from that, white soda can also transform the extremely basic solutions to ones that are less so.

For most cases, the baking soda is highly recommended by some experts for its antacid effects, that is the ability to neutralize the stomach acids that are the primary causes of heartburn, acid ingestion, and other related discomforts. And is also nice to know that baking soda also functions as a cleanser for it can help remove dirt and grease, which is why white soda is considered as an effective scouring agent. Due to anti-acid nature, this medicine can be used to the reduction of stretch marks and reduction of constipation.

Besides being a neutralizer and cleanser, such versatile white powder is greatly applied as a deodorizer for it can deodorize just about anything, from the underarm to foot odours and to kitchen sinks. It also acts as an anti-itch agent for the reason that when white soda is mixed to bathwater, it is believed that sunburn sufferers always have a remarkable reduction in pain. And those who have skin allergies might find white soda less irritating.

From such mentioned uses, many experts have suggested that some particular medications need the acids in the stomach for effectiveness. However, they suggest that it is not right to take baking soda internally without any prescription medication at the same time.

Baking soda is then considered to be a much safer compound that it is absolutely non-toxic and is fine to use in cooking and around children and animals. But still one should place some extra caution for this compound since white soda may not be applicable to some.

You can also follow below YouTube video for picturing the benefits of white soda.

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