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How To Reduce Stretch Marks

Striae distensae or stretch marks are kinds of scarring appeared on the face with off-blue colour. These marks appear mostly during the growth of the body by stretching of dermis during fast expansion or growth of body parts like belly expansion during pregnancy or puberty. They are not permanent marks and will remove with time completely. There are plenty of steps or remedies taken by body sensitive women who does not like scarring on their body to reduce stretch marks in a shorter amount of time.

During special phases which causes expansion in a body, scarring appears on a variety of body parts from the abdomen to women’s breasts. This expansion mostly correlates with body fats present in those areas. Problems that come with this body-shaming are emotional distress, itching and similar issues. These kind of scarring are natural human behaviour and pose no health risks on a body. Young women with slim and smart physique face these issues most and, often, take visits to a dermatologist after puberty or pregnancy.

to reduce stretch marks

While approaching for medicine, one pose threat to their hygiene and internal health, as medicines recommended severely affects the body’s behaviour. So, methods commonly used to reduce stretch marks are discussed below;

1.Skin Brushes to reduce Stretch marks

One way is to give energy to the dissemination of skin which will assist in blood flow and skin will get energy while going for expansion. This blood flow will lower or possibly diminish the presence of stretch marks. It is done with the help of commonly available skin brush. Loofah or skin brushes are used to brush skin and transfer the blood to areas with scarring, with excessive energy scarring may get diminish earlier.

2.Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is another natural remedy for removing or blurring stretch marks. Cocoa butter spread is commonly available in the market or you can make one by using a mixture of water and cocoa butter. To reduce stretch marks in specific areas like breasts, and legs, cocoa butter is placed in the form of spread in the night. The warmth from cocoa butter and natural excavation help reduce stretch marks.

cocoa butter oil to reduce stretch marks

Cocoa butter is pale yellow body fat which is extracted from the bean of cocoa. Its melting point is lower than human body temperature and this helps in easy spread over stretch marks. Normally, the cocoa spread is used to make chocolates but it can also help in reducing stretch marks.

3.Nutrient E Oil

Nutrient E oil is not only a nutrient but also an antioxidant. It serves many functions related to the body’s health and also prevents stretch marks. The main functions are regeneration of skin cells, increasing the level of a nutrient in skin tissues, and reverses the sign of aging.

In order to lighten or blurring the stretch marks, one should apply it daily as much as possible and gently rub that area for efficient spread. Its a wonder of nature and prevents scarring in a healthy manner.

4. Eat Foods Rich in Vitamins A

Vitamins are an essential part of your body. They provide energy to the body to use their resources effectively. In this sense, body growth requires increases nutrients and vitamins in those areas. To reduce stretch marks, one should eat a healthy diet that is rich in vitamins in order to prevent long term scarring. The most important nutrients for the body are those which are rich in Vitamins A, E, and C. It should be understood that any pregnant lady should not take anything less than 25000 UR of vitamin A in a single day. For further information, you can visit one of the medical news today journals.

Foods which are rich in Vitamin A are mentioned below;

  • Eggs
  • Cod Liver oil
  • Fortified Skim Milk
  • Orange and yellow vegentables
Vitamin A food

5.Supplements with Zinc

Zinc is additionally critical to your skin, so adding nourishments to your eating routine that are high in zinc or taking zinc enhancements can truly help. Silica can likewise be included and is found in earthy colored rice, verdant green vegetables, peppers, entire grains, and soy beans. Both zinc and silica are significant for collagen creation with is imperative to skin support.

6.Effective use of Fatty Acids

Eating nourishments that have basic unsaturated fats in them can likewise get you out. They help to make up the cell dividers and keep the skin sound and graceful. You can locate these unsaturated fats in a wide range of vegetables, in fish oils, just as vegetable oils.

Other than the above-mentioned methods, you can adopt Ginseng oil in your daily routine. It also provides nutrients to the body and can prevent excessive build-up of fats.

We also have a shared a variety of fat exercises which can tighten your belly fat muscles and can help you get loose of this scarring.

Thus, in the event that you need to begin seeing improvement in your stretch imprints, ensure that you start to utilize these tips. Most likely you’ll begin to see a few changes rapidly as you use them from the everyday.

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