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Protect Against the Cold and Flu with Monolaurin

The weather is turning cooler, which means germs and viruses are growing stronger. As we face the onset of another cold and flu season, consider adding a powerful, yet an extremely gentle supplement to your health regimen: monolaurin.

This highly effective antimicrobial agent derives from one of the key ingredients in breast milk. Just like this nourishing substance, monolaurin boosts immunity, protects against infection, and is safe and gentle on the stomach and your entire system.

Why Antibiotics Can Be Dangerous

We’ve all heard the warnings against using too many antibiotics. Medical professionals tell us that the overuse of this medicine contributes to the development of so-called superbugs. According to the prestigious Mayo Clinic, misuse of antibiotics has increased the number of drug-resistant germs, making it harder to treat such ailments as strep throat, bladder infections, and sinus infections among the general population.

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Antibiotics are effective only against bacterial infections. Illnesses caused by viruses are not touched by antibiotics – and taking these treatments when you have a viral infection rather than a bacterial one constitutes a dangerous misuse. Some common viral infections include cold, influenza, bronchitis, and stomach flu.

Monolaurin is not an antibiotic, but a wide-spectrum antimicrobial that tackles certain dangerous viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even protozoa.

Monolaurin Fights a Range of Illnesses

If you can’t trust antibiotics to keep viral infections at bay, where can you turn? Antiviral agents like monolaurin are an excellent choice.

Over 20 studies have shown that monolaurin has the potential to lessen or eliminate several nasty maladies, including:

  • the common cold
  • influenza (the flu)
  • herpes simplex 1 and 2
  • Epstein-Barr and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • swine flu
  • respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
  • rubeola (the measles)
  • cytomegalovirus (CMV)

Monolaurin’s benefits don’t stop there. In addition to fighting off viruses, this hardworking supplement also attacks bacteria, possibly wiping out low-grade infections that can cause fatigue and lingering systemic sickness.

Taking monolaurin regularly disables all types of unwanted cells in the human body, leading to a boost in immunity and improved overall health.

Choose a Gentle, Safe Remedy

Many physicians recommend taking a probiotic when prescribing antibiotics to their patients. This is because antibiotics kill off not only disease microbes but also healthy ones that benefit the digestive tract. However, this precaution is not necessary when taking monolaurin because it does not appear to kill off desirable bacteria in the gut.

And because monolaurin originates from the same compound found in breast milk – lauric acid – it is safe and natural enough for extended use. Indeed, monolaurin is an ingredient in some of the foods we eat, including margarine, spaghetti, and ice cream. It is also included in the US Food and Drug Administration’s GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list.

This Season, Stay Healthy with Monolaurin

Don’t fear cold and flu season this year. Instead of hiding in your home or donning a mask to public events, take an easy, safe, and convenient precaution: supplement with monolaurin. Mother Nature can’t be wrong! 0101

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